The AffiniTea Cafe

If you are looking for a milk tea cafe to hangout with your friends, The Affinitea Cafe is a perfect place for you, they offer different kinds of delicious and unique milktea, Their classic milk tea can cost 95-115 pesos. It is an aesthetic place that you may enjoy to take a lot of pictures with your friends or special someone, In the Affinitea Cafe you will not be bored because They offer different kinds of board games for you and your friends to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

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The Best seller milktea in Afiinitea Cafe Comembo

1. Oreo Milk Tea with Creampuff – 105/115
2. Wintermelon Milktea with Pearl – 105/115
3. Earl Grey Milk Tea with Pearl – 105/115
4. Manong Dino Milk Tea with NSC – 105/115

Aside from milktea they also offers Premium Herb Drinks, Smooothie, Iced tea, Coffee Jelly and They also have a Burgers and fries which i love.

This Cafe will Satisfy your cravings into milktea and will surely be one of the best Milktea cafe that you’ve been.

The Affinitea Cafe is Located at Comembo, 2nd Floor, J.P. Rizal Extension, Manila, Metro Manila. You will have to go to the 2nd floor to see this beautiful Cafe.

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