8 Reasons Why I Love Music

Music is an art of sound in time that express your emotions through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. The music is beneficial to people’s health and even their mood, when you feel sad, stress, angry and anxiety the music are there to make you feel good and ease the pain that this things cause you.

The music has many different meanings to people depending on what culture are they in and what genre are they like. This is the list of the reasons why i love music.

1. Music is good for the soul

When I have problems, I usually listen to the music to make me calm. I just close my eyes and it takes me to another place away from my problems.

2. Express your feelings

Sometimes we struggle to express our feelings to the world and we can’t find a word to describe it, but i am thankful that there are music that describe exactly what our feelings. They said that words can be hard to find, but music finds them for us.

3. I love the music that can fit your mood

photo from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zslI5hb8toI

Party songs when your happy, pump-up songs when you are working out, sad songs when its rainy, Rock song if we want to feel crazy, you name it, There’s a song for it

4. Companion while travelling

photo from: http://www.oneworld365.org/blog/best-headphones-and-earphones

When I’m travelling I always plugin my earphones and listen to the music, to disconnect with the commotion around.

5. Music can make you reminisce the past

photo from: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-headphone-headset-bluetooth-noise-cancelling-pxc-550-travel

The music can make you reminisce the past memories of yours, I love listening to the old songs because it brings back the old times and makes you feel like you’re in there.

6. With music you Forget and Remember everything

7.Music is Life

photo from: https://www.symphonystore.com/decorative-sign-music-is-life.html

8. Music is a universal language 

Our world are covered with different culture and its no surprise that sometimes we don’t understand each other but though music we will understand each other. The example of that is the popular kpop Idols who sing and dance, Even though we can’t understand their language. we still love and enjoy the song, We even sing the song according to what we’ve heard.

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