Post Valentines Celebration

The Post-Valentines celebration untitled “Love Says Love”. Yesterday Feb 21, 2019 the higher school of umak, and Supreme Student Government present and organize this small celebration, the venue is in the bridge way, they setup a 4 booths for this post valentines celebration. It is one of the most memorable part of my life this year.

photo from:

This picture shows the color coding that the SSG set for the Statues of every students. This is the why to express your feelings for example you ware a white it says that you want to “Study First” and when you ware a black you are “Broken Hearted”.

  This are the booth that are present in the celebration. The first booth is the HSU Singing booth, this is where you can sing every song that you want. This is the booth that my friends and I enjoy, we jam to the different opm songs like “Sa ngalan ng pagibig”, “Kung di rin lang ikaw” by December avenue and Buwan by JK. We do the Buwan Challenge we tried to rich the highest tone in the song even if our voice is out of tune.

The second is Photo booth, this is the booth that we tried a lot of time because it is free to take a picture and print it, also it captures the memories that i have with my friends. They also have a booth wherein they offer to do a face paint, we all decided to have a rainbow face paint because it symbolist the LGBT community.

 Last is the Express your love booth, this is the booth where you can write your feelings about someone through writing it in the sticky notes and posting it in the board so that special someone can saw your letter.

All of the memories in this day are will add to my best memories with my friends in 2019. I will not enjoy this without my friends, that’s why I’m grateful because i have a friends that are always fun to be with, and can join you to your craziness.

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