Tagaytay with Family

We went to the tagaytay to celebrate the birthday of my father. Tagaytay is one of our favorite place to travel because of the weather, it is cold and fuggy. I remember when i was young we usually went to the tagaytay people’s park, and I always admire the view from the “Taal Volcano”, I always ask my mom if we can go their but she always said that it is dangerous because it’s very hot in there, and you will have to pay alot of money to get in there.

Taho is one of our snack food, It is made from the
of fresh tofu, Sago pearl and arnibal. We usually eat this food early in the morning. In tagaytay the ventor is selling taho strawberry flavor and i like it because it is sweet, delicious and just perfect for a cold weather.

We went to Bulalo Point to eat bulalo and other filipino dishes. Bulalo is a light colored soup it is made by cooking beef shanks and beef marrow bones for hours, until the beef becomes soft and fat has melted into the clear broth. It is perfect for the cold weather. We also eat “KareKare” bagoong and “Pancit” for living a long life.

We also went to twin lakes wherein you can have a full view of the amazing mountains, green grass and colorful flowers. The view is Instagramable that I take a lot of photos of it in my phone. I must say that this is one of the best experience in tagaytay, and to experience it with your family make’s it best and very special.

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