The Sta. Martha Pateros Fiesta

On February 10, 2019 the Pateros celebrate their fiesta the Sta. Marta de Pateros. It is a thanksgiving celebration to Sta. Marta for saving Pateros’ duck egg industry from the giant crocodile as told in the legend. The Pateros residents celebrate it by cooking a lot of foods and going to their church.

Balut and Itlog na Maalat 

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The Pateros is the “Balut” capital in the Philippines there are popular for selling the “balut” that comes from the developing bird of embryo. They usually use the ducks egg.

There are also popular for their “Itlog na maalat”, it is a ducks egg they soaked it in the boiling water with salt, and paint it with a red tint. The “itlog maalat” is one of may favorite food and i mix it with a tomato

Street Fandango

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The Fandago dance, After the mass the people begun to dance with the image of their patron Saint Martha, I witness how are the people admire the patron, there are a lot of people who participate in the parade of dance. I saw a lot of group of people with their colourful custom.

There is a lot of store in the pateros that sell almost everything like clothes, toys for the kids, plates and mugs, accessory, and they also sell food like different kinds of “Kakanin”. I enjoy the fiesta in Pateros even though it is hard to wall because it is crowded.

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