Samar Paradise

It is my first time to travel in samar, I have been desiring to go to my mother’s hometown for about 5 years, and it is all worth it when my mother said that we will visiting the island to visit my grandparents. The Samar is Located in Eastern Visayas, It is the third largest island in the Philippines and their main language is Waray-Waray. The beauty of samar is like a stars that shines in the sky, as I saw how beautiful my mother’s hometown is, I easily fell in love to it because of the beaches that they have, and all the views that can take your breath.

Mondejares Puertes Beach Resort

We went to the Mondejares Puertes beach resort It is located on Calbayog city. This beach resort is a luxurious holiday beach resort for any budget, you can enjoy your stay because of the aquatic activity such as Kayaking boating, Speed boat, Jetski and swimming. My cousins and I enjoy our stay in their, we take a lot of pictures and swim in the sea I must say that it is worth every second of your time to stare in the blue sea and witness the sunset.

The land mark going to mondejares. It shows that the left road is heading to Barangay Tomaligues while right side is the barangay saljag heading towards Mondejares Beach resort. It is near to my Grand Mother and Grand Father’s house, that’s why i like to be in their home because the sea is just a walking Distance to their house.

The 5 Best Water Falls in Calbayog City Samar

The Calbayog city in samar are also popular for their tantalizing Water Falls. The beauty of their falls is one of the kind, It is worth to come over and witness how amazing the water falls views.

photo from :

Tarangban Falls 

photo from:

Tabokno Falls

photo from:

Calbigan Falls

photo from:

Mawacat Falls Slide

photo from:

Bangon Falls

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