I Love You Ara

I love you Ara is a Filipino Wattpad story written by Jamille Fumah. It is a
horror/ paranormal / thriller book it tells the tragic destiny of the main characters that will make you creep out.

The story is all about a girl name Ara that went missing because of the unknown reason, her family and friends start to find what are the reason why Ara went missing, and Why does she’s haunting to her family, that is the start of the adventure of her love one’s to sake for the reason of why did she disappear. The first part of the story is about Ara and her forbidden affair to Roli her uncle, this is one of my favorite part of the story because this is where all of that started.

The story is very interesting because of the characters sixth sense, a story just like a Saw movie because there is alot of brutal killings and you will be amaze how the story end up. when I’m reading this story every night i always put my blanket on because the story is very intense and it will make you creep out when Ara stared haunting. I would like to recommend this to the people who love to read a horror/ thriller/ paranormal story, This will surely be your one of the best horror story that you’ve read just like me.

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