Our Asymptotic Love Story

Our Asymptotic love story is a prequel of I love you since 1892. It is a wattpad story Written by undenialbly gorgeous, she is one of my favorite author because of her magnificent stories.

The story is about the tragic fate of the two people and how long are they gonna fight for their undying love . Aleeza always dream about memories of her past, and when she saw the handsome teacher sir nathan it becomes worst. eventually she realize that her dreams was true, it really happen in the past. Their love story was written for the third times, the first is the historical love story of sinagpala and franco, second is the love story of soleme and fidel. They both wish that they will meet in their after live and hope that they will success in their love story. Aleeza and nathan fight for their love even if they know that they will lost and its because their love story is like a asymptotic line they meet but they are not meant to be.

This is one of the story that I can’t forget, it makes me cry and breaks my heart. The story of aleeza and nathan is a sad story, the author did not give justice to the main characters but i think it is just right since the title speaks or describe the story itself. Reading this story make you realize that not all of love story will have a happy ending and acceptance is a key because if you two are not meant to be you will just be a asymptote, the line that will never meet. Even if this story is not a happy ending you will not regret to read this book because there is alot of moral lessons in it.


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