Flaming Franks

Flaming Franks is a underrated fast food chain, it is commonly located in food courts in mall. This framing franks located in the market market is our favorite place to eat, I usually go there with my friends to eat Chicken BBQ Glazed, the taste of it is heavenly, it is very delicious and very affordable for only 59 pesos you can have a chicken and free ice tea.


Aside for Chicken BBQ-Glazed they also serve a BBQ-Glazed pork belly, regular chicken with rice, Chicken and Spaghetti, Lechon Kawali, Pork chop, Burger Steak, Crispy fish fillet and a Fried chicken Bucket.

When we are at mall and looking for some fast food to eat we always end up in here even if we all said that we are not going to eat in there, I guess we just love the BBQ Glazed chicken that we cant get enough of it.

I highly recommend this to everyone especially people who loves chicken flaming franks will not disappoint.

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