Cagbalete Island

If you wanted to escape the noisy and hustle of Manila without spending alot of money and wanted to enjoy the beauty of beach you don’t need to go far away.

Several hours from manila is a beautiful beaches that is known because of their white sand,
turqouise water, and the view that worth every second of your live this is the Cagbalete Island.

My sister wanted to book this online for the celebration of her birthday. She said that this island is just a few hours from our home in laguna that’s why she pick it up. We travel first to the Mauban Quezon cause the port is in their, then we rent a pump boat to go to our beach resort which is the Dona Choleng. We’ve seen the beauty of the island it’s not like the other beaches it have it’s own charm and appeal.

This is the small celebration of my sister in our rented house in Cagbalete Island

This picture shows the sand bar in island, I always wanted to see the sand bar since I was a kid and I’am Amaze that the island have a their popular sand bar. The local people in their said that at 11:00 the sand bar will seen in there.

How to get in there

From the Cubao terminal, ride a bus to Lucena in Quezon. (The fare is P225.) Travel time would be 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic but I suggest you leave as early as 5 am. From Lucena Grand Terminal, ride a van going to Mauban port, which will cost you P70. You wouldn’t get bored as you would pass along rice fields, towering trees, and see people doing their laundry the old way, along the river. Plug in your earphones, listen to your favorite playlist, and enjoy the one-and-a-half-hour travel.

This is one of the best beach that I’ve been to. It is much more best because of the people that I’m with who I love the most.

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