National Food Fair 2019

The National Food Fair is a Philippines cuisine and ingredients show, It was organized by DTI also known as Department of Trade and Industry Philippines. The event was held on March 14-17 2019 in the Megatrade Halls 1-3 Mega B, SM Megamall.

Inside the event you will see alot of retail booth, there are tree categories of this national food event the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each of this region cities have a signature food product that they are proud of. They sell their special product to the people not only to have a money but also for us to know their region’s popular foods. You definitely won’t go hungry as you go around because they offers alot of food options like meet, veggies, fruits and etc.

We went to this retail booths to buy and taste their product. I really like the mangoes, Honey calamansi and mongo ketchup of jordan, Iloilo. I’m suprise that the girl that own the booth was our relative my father and mother talks to her they have a little chat time but me and my brother did not understand there saying because they using a Ilonggo language. We also buys some unique chips flavored cassava and turmeric.

The event also have different cooking demonstration held features the local ingredients. It is fun to watch the cooking show because of the cool chef and delicious smell of the food that their cooking . There are free sample of the food when the show ends which is good cause we can taste hoe good the food is.

This is showcased the different ingredients and to determine which brand to purchase for a specific product.

I’ve seen tables and chairs that is nicely setup, you can enjoy your food and rest for the meantime in this beautiful setup. They put their region name in this beautiful setup.

This experience is one of a kind to witness this amazing event of food products that are from the different provinces in our country.

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