Dew Day 2019

The event entitled Dew Day 2019 was held in Market Market March 16, 2019. It is a event of Mountain Dew. When we are in the mall we’ve seen this event and my friend and I got excited because the specially guess or performers are Nadine and James also known as Jadine and Bret Jackson. So after we eat to fast food chain, we go home to change our clothes, freshen up cause we still have our uniform on, and finish our Blog. After that we now went to the mall and wait in the area wherein James and Nadine will come out.

This are the pictures of the Nadine Lustre, James Reid and Bret Jackson performance on stage. The first performer is Bret Jackson he sing his songs and I love the beat of it, it’s like a party song and his voice was great. The performance of Nadine and James was a bomb everybody was singing to their music. It was a magnificent performance and James Reid is so hot when his singing on stage. I really love their loveteam maybe because they are true in their feelings cause they have a relationship.

photo from:

They also invite the popular youtubers Alodia and wil dasovich they play the Tekken Match, They also have other youtubers like senpaikazu and Jericho arceo. We were not able to attend this first event in the morning but we still happy of what we’ve seen. The event was grate and I am thankful to Mountain dew for inviting this amazing peoples.

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