Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet heart is a Korean drama series directedd by kim kyu tae. It is based on a Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua. This Kdrama is one of the best kdrama that I’ve seen because of the intense action scene and a good performance of the main characters IU and Lee Joon-Gi.

The Series was start during a total solar eclipse in the park wherein a 25 years old Go Ha-jin (IU) was in there, She drown in the water park and transported back in time in the Goryeo Dynasty. She wakes up in a body of Hea Soo in a year of 941, She meet the warm hearted and gentleman 8th prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha-neul), she fell in love to that prince because of his kindness, and after that he meet the 4th prince Wang So (Lee Joon-Gi) also known as “Wolf Dog” Because he makes other people tremble in fear and a prince who hide his face through the mask. As the story goes by you will see the love triangle of Hae Soo, Wang Wook and Wang So, they will do their best to protect their love ones even if it will cause a death. The few first episode are funny because of hae soo naughty and brave attitude that will caught the attention of the princes, You will also see the closeness and bonding of the princes but It becomes emotional towards the end wherein alot of betrayals will occurs.

When the princes of Goryeo was appear you will be fell in love to their elegance but as story was goes on you will feel angry and sad because of their selfishness doings for love and to become a king in Goryeo Dynasty.

This kdrama is worth to watch, the amazing storyline, Costume and settings of the drama is will make you turn back in old times of the dynasties. This will also teach us the reality of life that we cannot get what we want and not all the ending will end up a happy. All the characters play their role so well that you will love or hate their role. I also love the acting of my bias from exo kpop group baekhyun, his role is one of the prices of goryeon, a prince that love to fight and tease hae soo(IU).

If you are finding a Kdrama that have a Traditional vibes, lovestory, not so happy ending and actions this is perfect for you the scarlet heart that will make you cry, happy and inlove.

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