Graduation Pictorial and Defense

March 12. 2019 Tuesday is our Graduation Pictorial and all of the G12 students from 1-20 are schedule to take a grad pic. Most of us came late because of the misunderstanding but we still have a chance to take a grad pic although we have to wait an hour but it is all worth it. There is only a one shot in taking a picture that’s why we have to give our best shot so we smile widely.

This is one of the best moment of being a G12 or graduating student because this is a souvenir of us in a toga, wide smile because we’ve rich this far and it feels like all of we’ve been through is paid off.

March 13. 2019 Wednesday is our defense in research project. We did alot of work in this day because of the defense we print our research, We make sure that the power point is right and complete, We also make sure that we study our research. We all are nervous but I was grateful because we finish this although it is not what we are expected.

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