Tea Prime Cafe

Milktea is very popular nowadays, If you want to buy a non expensive milktea here is the Tea Prime. This store offers affordable delicious milktea and comfortable couches to sit in and sip your favorite milktea.

They have alot of variety of drinks to choose such as milkteas, fruit teas, smooties, chocolate drinks and frappes. You can choose how big your drink was, they have a regular(50.00), grande(60.00) and supreme(70.00). Their best selling is a pearl milk tea.

I love how the place can give a chill vibes and comfort feeling because it can make me relax and I was able to comfortable hangout with my friends. Even if it is not that well known milktea their is something that i love about them, maybe because of their approachable staff and delicious drinks. This Cafe will Satisfy your cravings into milktea.

The Tea Prime Cafe is Located to Unit A de Leon Bldg., M. Almeda Street, Pateros, Metro Manila.

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