The CMLI Open House

The CMLI also known as College of Maritime Leadership Innovation is the marine course in umak or University of makati. March 4, 2019 they have a open house/activities in their building 5th floor Admin Building, but before we went to their floor we have to buy a ticket worth 20 pesos so that we can participate to their activities. It is fun to be in that floor because they prepare alot of activities that will surely be enjoy the people who bought their ticket.

Here are the activities that they have:

In the first room they have alot of games that you will enjoy, It is like a minute to win it game.

They also have a marriage booth that every one enjoy especially the in a relationship people, but not only the couple will enjoy this booth because they also offer the single one to choose who will they marry in the marine guys or girls. The photo booth that every one enjoy because it captures the one of the best moment with your friends that you will always remember when you saw your printed pictures.

This is one of my favorite in their open house, this is the exhibit about the marine’s life in the ocean, Their officer introduce the kind of ship and what are the importance of ever part of it, In the left side of the picture he introduce the equipment that the marine use in case of the emergency to rescue people when their is calamity or accident in the sea. He also demo this equipment and teaches use the usage of it, It is really fun and educational day, I learn a lot of things in this small discussion.

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