4 O’Clock

This song is compose by the handsome boys Rm and Taehyung from the Kpop boyband BTS, They are my stan group in kpop music industry since 2016 because of their amazing Stage presence, their great voice, the visual that is like an anime character, and Great personality. I love how the members have their solo songs, they have a chance to shine individually.

The song capture my heart for the first time that i listen to it, it gives a mellow vibes which i like. It was a song that V (taehyung) talk about a friend which is jimin, He said that waiting for his friend in the park was the most beautiful thing to do. If i were the one that v was talking about i will be touch and thankful for dedicating the song for me and I’m also thankful for Rm for giving us a smooth rap. The about of efforts that both of them put on this song is amazing.

Their deep voices, Their emotions is like a perfection. It feels so pure and true it is a masterpiece that both of them should be proud of.

Lyrics of 4 o’clock below:

photo from: https://twitter.com/peachBOY_0613

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