The Spiderwick Chronicles

As i search for a Fantasy and adventure movies this is one of the movie that caught my attention, It was  Familiar, I think I watch it when I was young, and then I remember I really watch it but I forgot the whole story. I remember that the boy discover a book and a lot of ogre are in the forest. So I play the movie and reminisce the past so I can remember what happen.

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The movie is about the family of Helen, her sons Jared and Simon, one daughter Mallory move into the ancient spiderwick mansion in the woods. Jared uncover the Dumbwaiter behind the wall, he saw a treasure and use key to open it. He Discover a book about a different creature and then he tells it to his family but they don’t believe him. But eventually his family believe him because the creature starting to reveal their selves and that is the start of their journey in discovering the field guide to fairy and battling to goblins, ogres, brownies, boggarts, hobgoblins, trolls and other magical creatures.

This movie is a Fantasy and Adventure, This kind of movies is my favorite, I like how the characters battling against the magical creatures. This movie is an entertaining children adventure, so I will recommend this movie to everyone.

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