The Lord of the Rings

The lord of the rings is a film series directed by Peter Jackson, It is based on the novel book of J.R.R Tolkien “The lord of the rings”. It is my favourite fantasy movies because I was amaze by Frodo and his braveness to face the danger even if his just a little boy and don’t have enough knowledge in terms of battles. It shows the adventure of Frodo Baggins, He had a quest to destroy the one ring and ensure the destruction of its maker, the Dark Lord Sauron, with Aragorn the heir of Gordon, along with legolas from elf kingdom, The three fellow hobbits merry, pippin and his loyal companion samwise, We also have the famous Gollum who always wants to have the ring and The wizard Gandalf who always saves the grew from the danger. The trilogy of The lord of the rings are, first The fellowship of the Ring (2001), Second The Two Towers (2002) and third The Return of the king (2003).

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The first part of the trilogy is about how The Lords of Elves, Dwarves, and Men are given a rings of power and how the dark lord sauron defeated by the war between the men and elves alliance. It shows how the ring destroy the king of Gordon isildur, He keep the ring for himself and It corrupts his mind and destroy his physical form, later on he killed by orcs, after that the ring was pick out my Gollum who owns it for five centuries. The Ring is then found by a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins and by that the journey of the ring begins. This is the exciting part wherein the Fellowship face a lot of danger and by the end, the fellowship separated because Frodo afraid that the Ring corrupting his friends, Frodo decides to travel to Mordor alone but sam follow him. The Fellowship is then ambushed by the Uruk-hai. Merry and Pippin are taken that’s why Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli go to rescue them.

The Lord of the rings: The Two Towers      

This is my favourite part in this trilogy because Gollum appear and Frodo and Sam continue to travel to mordor to destroy the evil ring and in their journey they are joined by Gollum who convinces the Hobbits of another entrance besides the Black Gate. I am always afraid about Gollum because of his physical appearance and the fact that he is going to get the ring even if he killed and eats his prey. Frodo and Sam are later captured by the Rangers of Ithilien led by Faramir, brother of the late Boromir. He torture Gollum, and Gollum decided to take revenge to Frodo and led them to Shelob the giant spider,Sam chase Gollum away and wound shelob. Sam overhears the orcs. He learns that Frodo is not dead but drugged. The orcs carry Frodo’s body down a tunnel leading to the rear gate of the tower and Sam follow them quietly.

The lord of the rings: The return of the king

This is the last part of the trilogy. In the first scene it shows the two hobbits, Sméagol and Déagol, they are fishing when Déagol discovers the ring in the river. Sméagol is Entice by the Ring, and then he begun to be aggressive to get the ring and later on kills his friend for it. He retreats into the Misty Mountain as the Ring twists his body and mind, until he becomes the creature Gollum. In this part it shows how Gollum become a wicked and how the ring turn him into a monster, It is sad because he killed his brother for the ring and lose his mind. In the last part of the movie Sam and Frodo travel to Mount Doom in their travel they struggle because both of them are wounded. Sam begin to carry Frodo to top of the mountain, Frodo refuse to give up the ring because the curse of the ring coated his mind, Gollum then appear and bites the finger of Frodo but then he stumble and falls into the cracks of dooms wherein lava are in. Sauron’s power breaks, Gandalf flies to Orodruin on the back of Gwaihir, the giant eagle, and rescues Frodo and Sam. The Hobbits return to shire and rebuild it. Then Frodo wounded by the ring curse he decides to leave the Shire. He sails away over the Great Sea with Gandalf, Bilbo, and the other Ring-bearers to the peaceful paradise in the unknown West.

This are one of my Favorite fantasy movies, It shows a different kind of adventure and people that they encounter. I just love how the movie shows Friendship, Braveness to face the enemies and It shows that fight for what is right and Don’t lose hope because the evil always lose in the end. I would like to recommend this movies because it is very entertaining and if you are a avid fan of fantasies and adventure this movie is perfect for you.


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