Guimaras Travel

Guimaras is a province island in western visayas, they are popular tourist destination because of the beautiful white sand beaches, festival, and their rich culture. It is wonderful to saw how beautiful the island of guimaras is.

It is my second time to go back in this magnificent island, the first time is when i was young and my auntie brought me with her. I must say that the beauty of guimaras has never been faded and this is a kind of place that you want to go back uncountable times.

Family Reunion

Here are the pictures of my family, cousins, aunties and Grandfather. We have a huge family because my grand parents have 13 children including my father.We have a Family reunion in the house of my grandparents. It is fun to be with them for almost a one week, we bond together, catch up for the times that we don’t have contact to each others. It is indeed a One Big Happy.

Alubihod Beach

Alubinho in Nueva Valencia town is known as the most popular beach in the whole island. It was a public beach that why we expect that alot of people was in their but we are surprise that their are a few people in their, it is good because we can freely swim in alot of direction. we weren’t expecting much from this beach but we were surprised upon encountering it in person, the whole view of the beach is an artwork.

San Lorenzo Wind Mill

We went to San Lorenzo Wind Farm, It is located in Guimaras Island. You can have a whole view of the windmills and the wide farm.

Manggahan Festival

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Mango is the popular product of the guimaras. In celebrating manggahan festival the five municipal of Buenavista, Jordan, Nueva Valencia, San lorenzo, and Sibuang. Celebration of manggahan festival is a thanks giving for a bountiful harvest of mangga(mangoes). They also aims to showcase how rich their culture is. The people of guimaras prepare for almost 1 month for the festival.

Lapaz Batchoy

The lapaz batchoy is the ilonggo delicacy that is made with maki noodles, pork meat and innards, beef loin, crushed chicharon, and toasted garlic.

How to go to Guimaras

By Air

You can buy a ticket from different travel agency. We purchase our ticket from Cebu Pacific for only 1,300 one way, It is convenient to travel by air because it is 45 minutes and you can now touch down to iloilo international airport, from there you can take a van to bring you to parola where in the pump boats are waiting to bring you to jordan, guimaras.

By Boat

When you have a car, you can ride on RoRo to go to the guimaras and another roro to go to the jordan, guimaras.

If you don’t have a car and you travel by air, you can ride a pump boat to travel to guimaras.

Motor, Jeep and Tricycle

When you go to certain places or tourist spot in the guimaras you can ride or rented a jeep , Motor if you want to enjoy the blowing of the wind in your face and tricycle that have a capacity of 6 people.

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