How to be Physically Fit

Being physically fit is one of my goals in life, and I’m sure one of you wants the same. We want to be healthy to avoid diseases, and to be able to work much easier. There is a lot of work, activities that we can do and food that we can eat to stay physically fit, and here the things that I am going to share to become a healthy person.


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A simple walk and jog can help you maintain your healthy figure, and it helps to your Cardiovascular to strengthen the heart and lungs, it also helps to strengthen the muscles. Exercise is important our my life, I usually jog Sunday morning sometimes with my family and friends.  

Eat Healthy Food

There is a lot of healthy food that we can eat, example of that is the popular one salad, it is a healthy food that can helps in to reduce bad cholesterol, to control blood sugar, and helps to maintain your weight. My favourite recipe of salad are  consist of vegetables like lettuce, carrot, cucumber and spinach. I also add lemon and a mayonnaise in it.

Drink water

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I drinking water for about 8glass per day it is what our body needs. It will help to keep our bodies hydrated.

Sleep early

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When we sleep it gives us a lot of energy and Sleep allows the body to heal, repair and rejuvenate itself in a way it simply cannot when a person is awake. I usually sleep for about nine hours per day.

This are the ways that keeps my body physically fit, and I do hope that you have learn something in this blog.


1 thought on “How to be Physically Fit”

  1. Thanks for the information, hmm but its sad to know that i can’t do the exercise and sleep early, im too lazy and preoccupied with some things that keeps me awake until midnight.😂


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