22 Simple Things that Makes me Happy

Sometimes in our life we feel sad, and we can’t put a smile on our face because of the problems that life’s has throwing to as, We hated the times when we feel sad and angry because it ruined our day. We do everything to lift up our mood, but sometimes we just can’t, but what we have to do is to focus in our life, ignore the bad vibes and replace it with a good vibes. This are the simple things that makes me happy!

photo from: https://www.skipprichard.com/12-ideas-to-boost-your-happiness/
  1. laugh out load with my friends
  2. eating
  3. family bonding
  4. sleeping
  5. reading in wattpad
  6. movie marathon with my family
  7. taking selfies
  8. fangirling to my favorite boyband
  9. makeup(specially skincare)
  10. when it’s friday
  11. helping others
  12. receiving a compliment
  13. unbotton my jeans after i eaten
  14. exploring new places
  15. watching my favorite youtuber
  16. the blue sky
  17. the blue sea
  18. singing birds
  19. singing in the shower
  20. listen to my favorite songs
  21. watch the sunrise and sunset
  22. when my phone is 100% charge

This are the simple things that makes me happy, I’m sure you can relate in this list, and every time that you feel sad, just remember that focus to the things and people that makes your day. Life is short so we must enjoy every single time of it.

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