Family Bonding

My Family is the most important persons in my life, without them I’m nothing, they feed me a lot of moral lessons in life, guide me and thought me to be a good person. My family always make sure that we have a bonding time to catch up about what’s happening in our life. It is always fun to have a bonding with them. We usually bond by movie marathon, food trip and road trip, doing house chores and going to church with them. It makes the relationship grew stronger.

We bond by watching movies, it is very relaxing to sit down in a couch with your family, and everybody is reacting to the movie by laughing when it’s funny, scared when the movie is a horror and sad when the main character does not deserve to be dead. We argue about what genre of movie we going to watch usually my brother is the one who in charge in downloading a movies.

Food trip and Road trip is one of our favourite bonding I think everyone are the same. Who would not like a food and a road trip at the same time with our family, it is fun to travel in some places and try their food. If there is a one thing that we have a common it is a love for a food trip and road trip.

Going to church every Sunday is very important. It is a way for us to thank god for the blessings that we receive .last Sunday we went to St. Pio of Pietrelcina Chapel it is request of my sister because she said that her dreams came true when she ask for padre pio about it. The church is beautiful, the outdoor church is where we always go because the outside are filled with trees and dove that’s why the wind is very refreshing and it is fun to play and saw millions of Doves flies.  

2 thoughts on “Family Bonding”

  1. I am happy to see you enjoying with your fam. You all had a good communication that every family needs. Just like my family❤. Continue to cherish the moments with your family😊.


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